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Winter Wonderland in Febuary

This morning Natalie comes into our room and declares that it is a “Winter Wonderland” out there.  It would have been perfect if they didn’t have to go to school, she said.

Well there is definately plenty of it.  24 hours later and it is still snowing.  Kids love it, perfect snowball, snowmen weather.  Yesterday when they got home from school, the snow was too heavy to play outside.  With the warm temperature, hovering freezing, the kids were drenched with they came home from the bus stop.  Today it will be a different story.

Yesterday Matthew came home and shoveled, about 15 minutes later, his path was covered again with snow.

Matthew shoveling and covered in snow

I must say it is beautiful, here are some pictures of our walk to school this morning.

Our path to school.

Look how deep the snow is on the path... to their waist!

This is the view up our street!

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