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Our new Condo

So part of the new year project, we decided to purchase a condo with a friend to fix and sell.  When we walked in to view it the first time, it was a like a blast from the past. The 60s/70s furniture and all.  There was a stiletto chair that I had saw in Winnipeg at the forks.  I took a picture of it and see it on my computer once in a while.  I said that if we bought this place, it had to be with that chair.  When it came down to negotiations, we asked for all the furniture too.  So I got my chair and more.

My Chair

Check out the tear drop table with 3 legs, chair has 3 legs too.

I knew that was a store in town that sold that kind of furniture and decided to ring him up and he came out and bought all the furniture and some of the funky ornaments too.  He bought the purple ottoman and chair the boys are on for $500. It is a beautiful piece, immaculate shape.

$500 chair

All the other stuff, I sold on “” and others I gave away on “freecycle” , another online resource.  Don’t want to throw anything out.  I only have a handful of stuff left.  I think they are worth something.  I just have to do some research.  She had some beautiful crystal and pictures too.

So I spent about a week listing the stuff, it was so wierd going through her stuff.  In reality it is all ours, we kept some stuff for ourselves, but not much.   Last weekend the destruction began.

The destruction begins...

Matthew supervising…

With all the dust, we had to take my chair home.  We are on the 7th floor.  The kids love pressing the buttons for the lift.  In sibling fashion they are always fighting, now they just go on rotation…  Works well, just like the bed rotation.

Taking my chair home.

This is what the Kitchen looks like now.  We won’t be seeing Kyle or William for the next few weeks….

No walls, no cabinets...

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