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Spring Cleaning – Garage Sale

img_00331Now that we have been in Winnipeg for almost 3 years, and having all our stuff in boxes in the garage, we have discovered that we do not need most of the stuff there.  So we have decided to sell a lot of it.  Most of which are household items and “stuff”.  So we have decided to have a garage sale.  Today at 4pm-7pm and tomorrow from 8am-11am.

We sold most of our stuff before coming to Winnipeg and kept all the good items.  As a buyer, garage sales are great but as a seller this is not the best case.  So yesterday I took some of the better items to a consignment store.  It isn’t actually a consignment store, the owner Gary buys the items from you and then sells it.  Actually better than a consignment store, you get your money right away. I think he started as a consignment store but now only buys from the customers and sell it.  The store is AAA consignment, on 1857 Portage Avenue, telephone number is 204-888-9191.  It is the only store in the city that sells used household good.  Check it out, there is some great furnishings, household goods and trinkets too.

I am keeping all my Tupperware and pot and pans.  That I cannot get rid of.  Joel has brought his train set over to sell and we have clothes, household items, and the kids have gone through their toys to get rid of some stuff.  They are going to have a lemonade stand with rice crispes for sale.  The little entrepreneur in them.  So if anyone is around, come check it out.  Someone junk could be anothers treasure.

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