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Back to School 2016

Today the kids are all back to school after an extra long summer vacation.  It felt funny for me, preparing lunches in a different kitchen.  Even though I have been cooking here for the last 2 months.

For the first time, all 3 kids are in all different schools, with 3 different start times.  Andrew goes on the bus, Matthew and Natalie both walk.  I just have to make sure I remember to meet them at the right places at the right times after school.  At least everyone is old enough to get around in case I am late or something….  he he….

Everyone was excited this morning, new city, new experiences and new adventures.  Everyone woke up happy, there were no arguments before school, and everyone ready was on time.  Hope it keeps up for the rest of the year.  Can’t wait till the end of the day for all the stories.


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