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Matthew cut his hair

Matthew has been growing out his hair for the last few years.  For the last few years, we have been nagging him to take care of it.  Many threats of cutting if he doesn’t brush it, didn’t seem to work.  Even when I made him cry when I brushed it didn’t make him take better care of it.

My dad doesn’t like long hair at all, on girls or boys.  Everytime they talked on the phone, he would ask if he had cut it yet. Finally as a gift for my dad’s 80th birthday, Matthew decided to cut and donate his hair to Angel Hair for kids.

I watched my 5 minute youtube video on how to cut boys hair and now Matthew looks like a boy again, never having anyone refer to him as “her” or “my daughter”.

I think he is pretty happy with the hair cut.  He has had it for so long, I don’t think he realized how easy short hair would be.  Now that he has short hair again, he says he doesn’t want long hair again.  Got to give him credit for being making choices and not being part of the norm.  It was not life threatening or moral degrading so he was allowed to make that choice.

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