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8km Run and Triathlon

Last week I saw a poster advertising the “half marathon police run” here in Winnipeg. It had a 2 man relay. I thought, relay, I can do it, it is only 9km. I can train for that in 2 months. So when I made that decision, I went on line to get more information, a friend of mine also agreed to do it with me. Awesome, I was set, unfortunately, when I got on line, it said that registration was full.

I was determined, I kept on looking and found another run that is on the 9th of May, with the option of a 5km or 8km run.  I am aiming for the 8km run.  If that doesn’t happen, I can do the 5km. Plus I have also decide to do another triathlon this summer.  This will really help me with my running portion which I had difficulties in the past.

Since I have been a little sedate over the winter cardio-wise, I decided to start by walking last Friday.  On Sunday, I did my first run/walk, it was very painful.  Those muscles have not moved in a while.  With the encouragement of my friends, I am on my journey to train for a 8km in 7 weeks.  How do I plan to do it?

This week I ran 2km, add a km a week and by the end of the 6th week, I will be at 8km, it’ll give me a week to slow down for the run on the 9th.  Yes I can do it.  Run/walk will work for me.  Now I just have to map out the route.  I can listen to my iPod with my French and Spanish audios and I am all set!  Will keep you posted!

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