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Andrew’s New SnowBoard

Now that the kids are getting an allowance, they decide to buy things with their “play” money.  Much to my displeasure they usually purchase toys (that they do not need)!  One day when Kyle and I were out cross country-sking, I asked them if they wanted to buy some second hand cross country skis so that they could try out too.  Andrew said no but he wanted a snowboard.  Excited that it wasn’t another toy, I went on-line and found the one and only second hand snowboard on sale for $10.

As it was getting warmer, above freezing everyday, I wasn’t too sure whether to purchase it.  He really wanted it.  I figured that there was still some snow on the ground and the lady would deliver it, and they would have a chance to experience it.  She delivered it on Sunday, we went out on the hill on Monday and Tuesday and the kids just loved it.  Tuesday night they prayed that there would still be snow on the hill on Wednesday so that Daddy could watch them when he returned that night.  So on Wednesday, they went for their last snowboarding experience.  Since Kyle had the camera, I wasn’t able to video tape them till he returned.

Now that they have all tired it, we have decided to go on a winter vacation to a resort to learn to snowboard and ski.  I think I can handle that!

Here is our end of winter video…

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