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What did I miss?

After going to Angkor Wat, we all came back to the hotel and went swimming to cool down. After the swim we sat down to watch TV, thinking that we would wait for it to cool down before heading out again to explore Siem Reap.

We all fell asleep, I woke up with a start!, it was dark outside, I was wearing my day clothes and was totally disoriented, did I miss something? I check and it was 9pm. No lunch, no dinner, I thought I’d better wake everyone up. Guess we were not over the jet lag! Good thing Siem Reap has a night life. So we headed out to Pub street and the night market. The atmosphere was a little like Bourbon street in New Orleans, a little less promiscuous.

Of course with every meal you have to have dessert. Ice cream Rolls.

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