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Welcome to Hanoi Vietnam

We decided to stay in an AirBnb in Hanoi as they had laundry facilities and way more space, 2 bedrooms. First thing we did was a load of laundry. That is what happens when you travel with a backpack and 5 sets of clothing.

After laundry, we decide to walk around and check out the area. We were 1 block from the Ho Hoan Kiem lake and I think we couldn’t have asked for anything better. Sunday morning one of the lanes around the lake is closed to traffic and tons of people were out enjoying, biking, jogging, very active locals. Within 5 minutes us stepping out along the lake, we were surrounded by kids. At first we were not sure what was going on but we realized that they were students from English clubs wanting to practice their English. What a great idea. Talk about outside their comfort zone. Especially for Andrew.

We ended up walking to the citadel in the morning and took a free walking tour of the old quarter as well.

The traffic in Hanoi is crazy, so many motorcycles and so much honking, not so much to say ‘get out of the way’. But ‘ I’m coming through’. The lines in the road are just guidelines…

Another interesting thing in the old quarter is that there is an active railway line. When the trains are not coming through, they set up shop along the tracks.

Being so hot, of course we had to stop for drinks and bubble tea.

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