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Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Going to Angkor Wat was a surreal experience. We were up at 3:30am to get ready for out 4am bus pick up. After a half hour tour of the town in the dark, picking up other passengers from the various hotels, we headed to the tourist centre to pay for the temple pass, $37 per person. The amount comes from magic number of 37 heavens.

We get to Angkor Wat before the 6am sunrise. The weather is perfect and so are the pictures. It’s is a photographers paradise.

The next temple was Ta Promh, this temple shows how nature is stronger than man. The are still working on restoring the temple , one block at a time.

The 3rd temple was the Bayou temple, with the multiple faces of the Buddha.

By noon we are done our tour and the sun is so hot and the people have multiplied. So thankful that the tour is over. Highly recommend the sunrise tour to avoid the heat and crowds. Kids are looking forward to headin back to the hotel for a relaxing dip in the pool.

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