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Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

The main attraction for us to visit Hanoi was Ha Long Bay. We booked a tour from Canada but we noticed tons of locals offering the same tours for various prices. Talk about shopping around. They all basically do the same tour, as all the tour operators have cruises that all leave at the same time from port doing the same itinerary. They typically have 500 boats on the bay at one time. It is a big space as it didn’t seem too crowded around the waters.

Our tour started with an 8am pickup on the tour bus, picking up other passengers and a 4 hour bus ride including a half hour stop at a craft/gift store and toilet break.

We started the cruise with a seafood lunch and made our way to a floating village to kayak and then visited a huge cave filled with stalactites & stalagmites.

We paid a couple of extra dollars for the tour and our bus took the highway back in about 2.5hrs. Oh it was a long day but what an amazing one.

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