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University of Ottawa Information Night

Last night we took Matthew to the University of Ottawa information night.  This was a generic info evening talking about the University, courses, scholarships and residences and dinning.  I didn’t realize but there are 3 rounds of acceptance.  I am proud to say that Matthew made the 1st round.

It is going to be exciting for him, going back home.  I remember when we fist moved there in 2000, we didn’t meet a local born Ottawa person for a long time.  Matthew would be considered local!!

Unfortunately for Matthew, with the new OSAP rules, he will not be able to get any funding that from OSAP and will be short $4000 for University.  So now he has to think of scholarships to pay for University.  Not a bad thing since he always said that he has enough money.  Not willing to go that little bit more.  Now he is aiming to keep a higher average to get an extra $1000.  He will also do the French Immersion to get another $1000 per year.  They University makes it so easy to apply for Scholarships, they can do it right now on the university website.  Now he will just have to do it or work another 40 shifts at Tim Hortons(not likely to happen).

The University really incentivizes the kids to do well.  Keeping an 85% per term will give you and extra $1000, 50 hours of research in your second year will give you $1000, and the list goes on.

He will also have an opportunity to study at another exchange University during his studies.  He will also do co-op which could be in Ottawa or other cities in Canada or another country.  They never had so many options when Kyle and I went to University….

While living in residence, he will have to purchase a mandatory food plan.  Unlimited food 24 a day.  He has never been to an all inclusive as an adult so we told him, this would be the same except for 8 months instead of 1 week.  He might come home after the school year weighing at 200lbs….

Needless to say, we are very proud of Matthew and excited as he moves on to the next chapter.

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