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Getting back into the workforce outside the home.

It has been exactly a year since I went back to working outside the home.  Working part-time has been great for me.  Getting dressed in the mornings and getting out of the house.  Being home with the kids for over 15 years, it was time for a little change.

I start at 9am and it is great, there is no rushing in the morning, there is time to get the kids off to work and get myself ready.  I am done work at 1pm so that gives me time to get home to do stuff for myself or stuff around the house.  After a year, I have never ever dreaded having to go to work in the morning…  What a luxury…

I was worried about having to work over the summer while the kids were home but it worked out really well.  Now that they are older, they tend to sleep in so they didn’t really miss me  in the mornings.  They still had their cut up fruit to snack on when they woke up(courtesy of mummy!).  I would leave list of chores and things they had to do and it would all be done when I got home.  I didn’t have the stress of having to remind them constantly throughout the day.  If I had to work extra or got busy, I would get them to prepare the meals and there were very little complains and it would get done!

Matthew keeps telling me that I cannot go back to work full time.  He hasn’t really given me a reason.  I think realizes that he, being the eldest will have to take over most of the responsibilities.  For me, the thought of working full time would be too stressful.  With the 3 kids activities and my side jobs, and Kyle’s schedule, the household would be too become too chaotic and hectic.  Some people can do it it but part time works for me.  Like one of my friends always says “Happy Wife, happy life!”

So all in all, the going back to work has been a really good situation for the whole family. The kids realize that they are fortunate to have mummy spoil them.   I get out of the house for part of the day, kids are learning to cook and clean and becoming more independent of mummy!  All is good.


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