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Track and Field

Track and field time of the year.  Last week, Andrew came home with a 1st place ribbon for 1500m.  It was a pleasant surprise and that qualified him for the divisional meet.  He went to that on Tuesday and came home with a 2nd place ribbon which qualified him for the county meet.  I was so happy for hime.  So on Thursday I took him to the county meet.  He came in 3rd.  It was so exciting.  Not the same pace as a 100m race, It was great to see him pace himself, keep the energy and come in 3rd.  The 2 much taller boys came in 7sec ahead of him.

First 300m, Andrew in yellow.

last 150m – 7s behind the 2nd place

Recording their results, see how much taller the 1st and 2nd place boys were!

Medal Ceremony

3rd place medal

Proud moment!



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