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Bonding Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I typically like to make healthy cookies for the kids, with whole wheat flour, oat meal, less sugar etc.  Things that bakeries don’t usually do.

Today Natalie and I went to a bakery and she asked me to buyer her a chocolate chip cookie.  They were $1.25 each.  Not a lot of money but since I had all the ingredients at home, it wasn’t really worth it.  And it would be a treat, only for her.  If we were far from home or in a pinch, I would have bought her the cookie.  Since we had time today, I told her she could bake a batch of cookies.  She just insisted that there be no lentils or oatmeal…

So today she made her 1st batch of cookies herself, following the exact recipe with white flour and lots of sugar and lots of chocolate chips.


This treat was enjoyed by the whole family and not just her.


She was really proud of herself(building character) and we had a fun morning together(bonding time).

Happy sugary bellies!!

Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart.

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