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What is happening in Kitchener

The family is all settling well in Kitchener.  Everyone is keeping active and busy with different activities. Good thing we have a car now to ferry every one to their different programs.

Matthew joined the “junior achievers” at the U of Waterloo.  This is an activity that is sponsored by industry.   They form a company, create and sell a product.  They have executives and all.  He was wanting to be the finance exec so he had to get a pair of dress shoes and look professional for selections.  So funny.  Never really needed to dress up before. Unfortunately he didn’t get the post, we didn’t expect it though since he is in his first year in this group, we never said that to him though.  When the execs were told they could have an assistant, Matthew was chosen right away so it was good and he will get the experience that he needs.  So very cool!  He is loving all his business classes at school too.  One in French and one in English.

Matthew is also curling this year.  He wanted to learn to Curl when he was 8 or 9 but in Winnipeg, if you don’t register in time, you don’t get in.  So it never happened.  In Ottawa, we never got around to it as it wasn’t walking distance and this year he is doing it.  I told him he had to find some sort of sport to do over winter and that is what he chose.  He is really enjoying it and I am glad.  He actually was a backup for the Curling club at school.  They had a bonspiel(tournament) on Friday in Guelph.  The team did well and they are at the top of the B division.  Matthew pulled his weight and it is great considering it is his first year curling.  Everyone is so proud of him.  They still havn’t finished the competition and they asked him to continue with the team for this tournament since they are all doing so well together as a team.

Andrew is doing well in school and is learning to play the violin in music class.  Only school here that has string instruments for middle school band.  He brings it home to practice.  It is a difficult instrument to listen to when someone is just learning…  His friend is playing the base.  Definately can’t bring that home on the bus. Can’t even fit that in our little Honda. Good thing his mum has a station wagon!  The kids keep on telling us to buy a van.  I love the Honda.  One night Andrew had a sleep over with Derrick and they did a little jam session with the violin and base!!

Andrew still loves his soccer, he joined a skills building program this year and is doing well.  He has a great work ethic and is very enthusiastic about learning.  He will most probably do summer soccer next year.

Natalie is officially in French immersion, not on trial anymore.  I finally met with her teacher and he says that she is a good student.  She is a little behind in her french reading but that is what big brothers are for!  The boys have to take turns reading with her and she seems to have improved.  She is also curling and playing soccer.  It helps that it is on the same day of the week so all her activities are done in one day.  It so happens that her friend from school does the same activities so we car pool.  Takes a little load off.

I joined a prayer shawl group at our church.  Shirley received a prayer shawl when George pass away and that is the first time I heard of a prayer shawl, not really understanding what it was.  They have a group at our church.  One weekend, they had all their shawls out for people who needed it, as a source of comfort or healing as the shawls are made with prayers and blessings.  I love knitting and it just seems that much more special when it can bring comfort and peace for others, I decided that that what I wanted to do.  So far, I have made one shawl and finishing my second.

I also joined a community choir, we had our Christmas concert a couple of weeks ago.  So much fun.  A large choir is so much different from the church choir I sang in, in Ottawa.

Oh I’ve started hot yoga?  I am really enjoying the class once a week.  I think I need to do it twice a week, or do more exercise in between.  Just have to make the time.   We always laugh about it, I just sweat just lying down before the class even starts…  Kyle has decided that he wants to do “Tough Mudder” next summer so he has started working out at the gym at the apartments.  It is good for him as he sits at his desk all day and we are not always doing stuff outdoors with the cooler weather.

Andrew can’t wait for the snow.  It is almost not warm enough to be playing outdoors without snow so it is a very sedate time of the year.  They want to go togagganing….   Well he did play soccer with his friend yesterday for about an hour or so but with so much rain, it is quite soggy and muddy outside.

I guess with all this cooler weather, it doesn’t seem right to not have snow. Can’t really believe I am saying this.  I guess living in Canada, there are some expectations….  At least the roads are still nice to drive on!

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