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Move to Kitchener

A week ago, we packed up our bags in Ottawa and made the 6 hour drive to Kitchener. The day was a long time coming so I had lots of time to prepare. Most times, it felt like the day was so far away. In a way, I am fortunate that I had lots of time to prepare for the move. I had so much to tidy up, things to get rid of, friends to visit and loose ends to tie up. 7 months was perfect for that. Needless to say, I was ready for the move. I didn’t have to rush to pack and took my time, except there is always the “panic” pack just before the movers get here.

It was rush move for Kyle, 2 weeks notice and after Christmas he was on his journey to his new job.  Not sure how Kyle did the weekly commutes on the train.  I think after a month on the train weekly, it got old fast.  It was so nice that he was able to come home though to spend time with us.  This job opportunity with Canadian Solar Solutions is such a great opportunity for him it was worth the move.

It was hard for me, I was really settled in Ottawa. I knew the neighbourhood well, love the proximity of everything, had a great community with the church and school and had built so many wonderful friendships. Change is always good, as long as we are with family, things are just that much easier. This means that we are on to another adventure with new opportunities, we just need to adapt to go on. So far so good. The kids are loving sleeping in and doing whatever, whenever… guess it helps that it is vacation time. I am also fortunate that they play well together (most times).


The car is loaded up and we are on our way!

So last Thursday, we finally got out of Ottawa at 3:30pm. A little later that we anticipated. I figured that we were not going to be back for a while, we might as well say our last minute good byes, purchase some books from the library and of course, I had to go back to the house to get my herbs. Unfortunately I didn’t get any Hosta for my little patch of garden at the new place!! Kyle didn’t mention anything. Oh well, hopefully I’ll find some discarded shade plants somewhere….

Of course we had to make a stop at Kyle’s uncles place on our way through Kingston. We said that we would stop for coffee but of course being the uncle and aunty, they had to feed us dinner. Unfortunately we didn’t see them over Christmas last year so it was a really a nice visit. His uncle is 95 in fall so we always never know when we would see him next. He looked great for his age and he still drives… Of course he drove to pick up dinner.


Bed time for everyone.

We were back on the road at 8pm and good timing, with full bellies, the boys went straight to sleep. Guess the late nights had finally caught up to them. It is amazing that Natalie didn’t fall asleep till 10:30pm. That girl is amazing, how little sleep she needs. She was reading and watching the city lights….

The rest of the trip was uneventful and no traffic issues through Toronto. We arrived in Kitchener at 11:30pm with much joy. The kids were all so happy to be here in the new home. The fact that we now have a living room, more space, and the whole family living under the same roof. No more commuting for Kyle. The first night here was fun, indoor camping in sleeping bags and the sound of nature outside our windows. Simple life!

The movers came the next day.


2 x Sleeping bags.



Camping indoors.



Empty dining room and kitchen on our first morning.



Kids entertaining themselves.


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