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Skating on the Rideau Canal

Wow it is March 1st and the Rideau Canal is still open for skating. Yes it has been a very long winter and we are patiently waiting for the warm weather.

This morning I woke up and looked at the forecast, -5C, wow I thought, we should take advantage of this warm weather. So as Kyle was waking up, I told him that we were going skating on the Rideau Canal after Church. He should pack up all the skates and snow pants and snacks and drive to church (typically we walk) so we can head downtown right away.

So right after mass, we head downtown and strap on our skates for our little adventure. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning.


Oh and we cannot forget to make a stop to enjoy some Beaver Tails…


The kids had a blast, we did a congo line, taking turns pulling everyone… I am not a very good skater and so I bailed on that. I also got lectured by my 13 year old who told me that amateur skaters should use helmets!! Oops…

After that game, they invented another game for themselves, the two outside people pulling the center person and then rotating so everyone got a chance to rest?
Happiness is watching your children inventing games and getting along so well…


Not all activities have to be planned in advanced. Spur of the moments are the best….
Enjoy time with the family.

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