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Our New Van

Ok, it has been 3 years without a vehicle.  I think we have done awesome.  I have been able to get around during the day by walking or biking or busing.  For those big grocery days and Costco trips, the company truck has come in handy on the weekends.  We have survived. When we take a trip somewhere, renting a car hasn’t been an issue, a cheap option from the purchase/insurance costs.

So this week, the Matthew is hosting 2 exchange students from Bathhurst, NB.  We all have been looking forward to it and then I was thinking logistically getting around would be a little bit of an issue.  Not to worry, we would just rent a van since a car wouldn’t take an extra person added to our family, let alone 2.

Until I looked at the cost of renting a van.  $500 for a week.  I could buy one for that price!! I only had to run around town….  I started looking around on Thursday and remembered our friend who had purchased another vehicle and had their van sitting on their driveway.  Yes, they were selling it and after having the vehicle looked over Friday morning, we made the move to purchase it.  Talk about quick purchase…  We are now the proud owners of a Navy Honda Odyssey.

Like another friend said, this opens up a new world for me!!  I am not limited to a 2.5km radius during the day anymore!! I will have to keep walking during the day though, otherwise I won’t get any exercise.

“NO Matthew, we are not driving to the library!”

So when people visit, we can go places and don’t have to take 2 vehicles or squeeze into the vehicles illegally! (Of course we didn’t do that!) “Make sure they can’t see the top of Natalie’s head!”

“Mum and Dad, now I can pick you up from the airport in my new wheels.  Don’t have to load those suitcases onto the bus anymore, so you can come visit anytime!”

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