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Day 2 Costa Rica Ojochol

We got up to a beautiful green lush morning.  The hotel included breakfast of fresh fruit and a Costa Rican breakfast of rice and beans.

Fresh fruit and Juice for breakfast.

Right after breakfast, they headed straight to the pool for some water fun.

Frolicking in the pool!

Relaxing by the pool.

The next thing on the agenda was going out to our property.  It was a bit of a drive through town and over the new bridge.  Imagine, you had to drive through the river before.

River Crossing..

New Bridge

Before we got there we realized that we had a hitch hiker.  He stuck almost all day hanging out on our bumper.  Not sure when he left.

Hitch Hiker

Here are a couple of pictures of our property, use your imagination.  Oh it was so hot there, mid-day, the kids were troupers, they did the climb.

Street View.

Look Straight Up

The view from up there.

After some lunch at a French restuarant, Natalie and Kyle had crepes for lunch, Natalie had it with Canadian Maple Syrup!  We headed North.  No plans on where to stay, just a destination for Sunday.  Coming out of town, we had another hitch hiker on the hood of the car….

Another hitch hiker....

He hung on for quite a while too, maybe for a 10 minute drive.  He just turned his body so he was streamlined with the vehicle and got a free ride.  So funny!

Wouldn’t be our style not to stop at the first accessible beach just off the side of the road.  Playa Hermosa, about 20-30 minute drive from Ojochol, just north of Uvita.  It was later on in the afternoon and the sky was getting dark but it didn’t stop us from playing in the Ocean.  The had a blast.  Had to stop when the rains came down.  The rain wasn’t the problem, the problem was trying to clean off sand in the rain and changing into dry clothes in the car!

Playa Hermosa, just north of Uvita.

So off we go, another drive in the rain and in the dark.  We decide to drive to just south of Jaco, to Playa Hermosa, Puntarenas (Hermosa means beautiful, there are many “beautiful” beaches here!).  We used the guide book to find a place, unfortunately it wasn’t open, as it was low season but we went next door to CasaMia and found a 2 bedroom Inn for the night right on the beach.  Playa Hermosa is well know for it’s surf, only the experts come here.

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