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Costa Rica, Day 8 Playa Hermosa

So the kids all work up at 6am today.  So much for sleeping in.  I am thinking, their bladders are so full in the morning from all the water the night/day before, they just need to get up and go.  Oh well, just put them to bed on time/earlier…

We have been here for a week now and not sick of the beach.  It does get hot and so we are back home usually before 10am.  Today was another beach day, we leave the house at 7:30…  Why not?  What did we do… we walked the same route to the beach and looked at homes again and watched for wild life. Natalie saw a crane up the river.

Crane on the river

The boys played in the river again today, building a damp while Natalie and I did some work outs!

Yoga on the beach.

Hand Stand!

This evening, the kids get a chance to watch TV which is up above the fridge, that is what they are all looking up.  Maybe this is why they are picking up so much Spanish.

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