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Costa Rica – Day 7 – Playa Hermosa

Today is a new day.  An earlier start.  The kids are up at 6am so I figured why not leave as soon as everyone is ready.  So we leave the house at 8 am.  Today we take yet another different route to the beach.  As far as I can tell there are only 2 roads to the beach.  Today we take the south road.  Unfortunately we were not too sure if the road took us there.  We just walked, saw the beautiful houses and guess our way.  Eventually we found it, we had some doubtful children but with my broken Spanish, we were able to get directions.  Kyle and Matthew seem to be picking up the language really well.  I on the other hand have been hanging out with the owners daughter-in-law who speaks English and is from Ottawa, so not much luck on my part….

The wild animals are everywhere.  We saw a squirrel which was white in colour and a couple of butterflies.  Wonder what they were doing.

2 butterflies on the road to the beach.

With 4 pairs of eyes and sometime 5, there is so much to see.  Andrew saw a Macaw while we were driving.  When you hear some russelling….  usually, there is some creature making the noise.

Most of the beaches we have seen have a river running into it.  Flowing water, and sand is the boys dream come true.  Guess where we end up playing.  Natalie spent most of the time picking shells and swimming.

River to the ocean.

On our walk back home after the beach, we saw a cameleon.  I think that is what it was, notice the tail is a different colour from the body.  It was changing while we were watching it about 2 feet in front of us. The kids couldn’t wait any longer to see it change more, they were hungry.  They are always hungry!  All that fresh air and fun in the sun!

Cameleon changing colour

In the afternoon, the kids are back to their homework in the cool air conditioned room….  Actually it not that hot outside but the kids also needed their quiet/relax time.

doing homework...

Someone asked if Matthew was playing on his ipod.  He was using it as a translator for his Chinese.

Another late night for Kyle so we thought we would let them stay up and see if they would sleep-in in the morning.  We will see.

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