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Costa Rica Day 6 – Playa Hermosa

The first thing we decided to do this morning was go to the beach.  We take a slightly longer way to get there.  We walked to the resort, took the shuttle up to the lobby to check in and then took another shuttle down to the beach.  The resort is on top of a hill so the shuttles run every 5 minutes between the front gate, lobby and beach.  It is a pretty steep climb, the kids were troupers, they walked up yesterday.

Shuttle down to the beach.

They have their fun on the beach as usual.

Fun in the waves

The nice thing about going through the resort is that there is a shower at the entrance to the resort so we can clean up and then swim in the pools and then head back home for an early lunch.  The afternoon is passed in our room as it is quite hot outside doing their school work.

Unfortunately, Kyle is busy working so we are doing the beach time and pool time without him.  Plus there is construction on the bridge that he has to cross to go to Liberia, the traffic has been really terrible.  At least he was home to put the kids to bed.

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