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Costa Rica, Day 5, Playa Hermosa

Today Kyle had to go to work.  As the sun rises around 6, everyone is up and ready to go.  No chance of them sleeping in.

Breakfast on the balcony

Kyle left for work around 7:30 this morning as it is about a half hour drive to work and we are on our own till he comes back in the afternoon.  There is a resort close by, that we have access to and so we head out there with Nadia(owners daughter-in-law who is also from Ottawa) and her baby for a mid-morning swim.   Something different.  It is high up on the hills which we have to walk up as the stroller cannot fit on the tramp that takes you up to the resort.  It was slightly cloudy so it wasn’t too bad of a hike.  The views from up there were amazing.

With the Pelican

Family Picture

Matthew jumping in!

View from the lobby of the resort.

Infinity pool

Playing by the "rocks"

On the way back from the resort, we went into the little local grocery store.  When we came out, the delivery guys were honking their horns and the howler monkeys were howling.  They didn’t not like the honking and got even louder. Unfortunately the sun was behind them so I couldn’t even take a picture.  They were really loud.

In the afternoon, we just hung around the room and the kids did some school work, drawings and stuff.  They were in bed by 8pm, totally exhausted.  It must be all that fresh air!

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