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21 ways to stay in love forever

My girlfriend got married last summer and she asked me to listen to an audio by Brain Tracy “21 ways to stay in love forever”.  I listened to the one hour audio and this is a brief summary.  Take the time to invest in your relationship.

1. Make a total commitment to your relationship
2. Communicate openly and honestly
3. Ask for what you want
4. Accept differences in each other
5. Expect the best in each other and believe in them
6. Encourage the other person continually
7. Be a good listener – listen attentively
8. Seek first to understand the other person
9. Set reasonable standards – accept the good qualities of each other
10. Build each others self esteem on every occasion
11. Never go to bed angry
12. Visualize the other person as ideal – very best person
13. Treat the other person as the most important person in the world
14. Remember why you fell in love
15. Forgive early and often
16. Apologize for your mistakes
17. Offer to help do things for each other
18. Learn and talk about his or her interest
19. Accept complete responsibility for themselves
20. Take time to be together
21. Develop shared goals, a vision together

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