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I love Water Polo

What a year for the boys in water polo.

water polo

Last September there was an information booth at the Y for water polo and a draw for a free session. Of course both Matthew and Andrew put their name in for the draw. The next day, we found out that Matthew had won the course but because we already had an all inclusive membership at the Y, it wouldn’t cost either of them to sign up for it. So Matthew gave his free session away and both boys decided to play.

Oh my, after the first class, they were both ready to quit. They were not good at it and so frustrated and decided that that was that. Andrew kept on saying that I had told him that if he didn’t like it, he could quit. Oh my, he really didn’t want to. We told them both that they had to finish the session, at least give it a chance to see what it was really like and learn some of the stuff, otherwise they wouldn’t really know if they actually like it. We had to remind him about when they first learning how to bike and how to swim. They were not good at the beginning and they didn’t give up. (I am so glad!). A lesson in perseverance. They got so much better during the 4 months and both of them held their own.

After the Christmas, they were still both undecided on whether to continue.  We gave them the option as long as they finished the first session.  Both boys were waiting for each other to decide.  Matthew said yes and Andrew wasn’t too sure.  In the meantime I offered to take one of Andrew’s classmates from school to water polo too.  Then Matthew changed his mind and didn’t want to do it and Andrew was going because his friend was going, and so Matthew decided to go too.  So after much back and forth, they started their 2nd session in January.

Now they have finished their 3rd and last session at the Y. On Saturday, they had a inter-Y competition and they had a blast.  It was so exciting.  The kids all did so well.

Here are the boys in action.

Andrew passing

Andrew Passing

Matthew in action

Matthew in action!

This year of water polo has taught the kids not to give up right away and give things a chance.  Perseverance pays off.  They have come a long way, they  love the sport, they are doing well and have made some good friends. Next year they want to continue with the local water polo club.  Yeah!

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