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Birthday Scavenger Hunt

My baby boy, Matthew just turned 11.  It is hard to believe that time flies when you are having fun.  He is 4’9″ and up to my nose, I predict that he will be as tall or taller than me when he hits 12.

He had 2 cakes, one on his birthday,

and one at his birthday party with his friends(I made this one but he decorated it).

For his party, Matthew had 7 boys come over.  I was thinking what am I going to do with 9 children for 3 hours.  Now that they are older, I had to find something more challenging.  So I decided on a scavenger hunt, indoors and out.  I am glad the weather worked out well.  Last year, it rained.

We paired the kids off and they got their clues.  It is amazing what the kids behave and do when they are excited.  We had some ground rules, when they came in to the house, they had to remove their shoes, many of them would forget and had points deducted.  They had to stay in the perimeter of the yard and no tampering with clues.  Here is a copy of what they had to do.

1. What is the house number across the street?
2. There are some coupons on the counter by the window, how much savings do you get with the Huggies diapers?
3. In the Wagon, there are a couple of eggs, how much money is in the orange egg?
4. How many pieces of Lego were used to make the tower?
5. On the back deck, if you walk down 3 steps, how many steps are you from the bottom?
6. What is the license plate of the Honda Odyessy on the street.
7. If our house faces North east, what fruit is south west?
8. There is a sculpture of dolphins by the window, if you look carefully from the top, how many dolphins do you see?
9. There is a bird in the kitchen, what kind of bird is it?
10. In the hallway, there are fishes on the wall, how many red fishes are there?
11. Find the washing machine, next to it is a bottle of laundry soap, what brand is it?
12.What vegetable do you cook in the barbecue?
13. Somewhere in the yard, there is a blue pail, take a duck.
14. The house faces North East, what fruit is on the most northern part of the house.
15. Where is the piece of cake with pink icing?
16. Look for the longest stick in the yard.
17. Bring 5 dried intact leaves.
18. Outside the front door, there is something black, take a penny inside it.
19. In the Oxford dictionary, what is the 3rd word before biscuit?
20. where is the pink pony?
21. What country is south of Botswana?
22. There is a pink basket on the deck, bring a black something from it.
23.  Bring a dead bug.

We also played a game of Scattergories.  Some of them were so creative with their words.  They really had to think under pressure!!

All in all, I think the birthday party was a success.  There wasn’t too much to clean either, except under the dinning table!!

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