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Matthew’s Negotiation Skills

Matthew came home one day last week and told us that he had won another pair of 67 Hockey tickets for Friday night.  Kyle and the kids had been a few weeks earlier and we told him that we didn’t really want to go again so soon plus it ends so late.  With Chinese school on Saturday morning, it makes it difficult for the younger two.

So Wednesday, he comes home from school and tells me that he gave his two free tickets to his friend Jason who had also won a pair of hockey tickets.  Matthew knew that there were 3 in Jason’s family.  He gave them his pair of tickets and asked if he could be the fourth person and go with them.  He created a win-win situation, they didn’t have to buy an extra ticket and he got to go with them too.  How could I say no.  He deserved to go, needless to say, they all had a great time.  So proud of him, being able to arrange a winning situation.

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