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Going Green in Ottawa

I have been learning about going green for the last 3 years. It is not something that can be done overnight, it is a gradual process. Now starting a new adventure in Ottawa, I am excited about being able to live green.

Our first big thing was traveling to Ottawa by train. When I first looked into airfares on flying to Ottawa, there was a seat sale. Then when we decided when to come, the seat sale was over and I did not want to pay more so I decided to wait. At this time, Kyle was traveling to Toronto from Ottawa on the train and he suggested looking into that option.

At first I thought that that would be so troublesome but was open to different options.  I was surprised to find that the prices were so much cheaper for the train than the plane, actually the price of the airline ticket for me was cheaper except that there are so many taxes and charges on the plane that traveling by train became cheaper. My total train ride from Winnipeg to Ottawa was $228 and the 3 kids were half price at $114 per child. Mind you I ended up paying about $30 in tips for the porters but still that was a savings of over $200. My dad said that if I ate in the dinning car and all the food I bought, it would actually end up costing me more. I had to remind him, I still had to eat and the food I bought would have been food I had to buy anyways. The meal for the 4 of us on the train was less than $30. The experience and memories are priceless.

Think about how train travel is more environmentally friendly. It is the most eco-friendly way to get around, other than walking or biking. It’s certainly more efficient and less polluting than flying or driving a car. So it is cheaper and better for the environment.

When we lived in Ottawa before, we lived in the suburbs, lots of driving to get anywhere. So now we live in Ottawa, walking distance to everything I need, 7 minutes to church, 10 minutes to the library(because we have to walk up a hill), 15 minutes to the grocery store and a 2.5km walk to Chinese school. So we have decided not to own a car. The public transportation is really good here. If we need to, we can always take a taxi or rent a car. 1 less car on the road, less pollution.

Kyle works for Jazz Solar, a solar installation company here in Ottawa.  He takes the bus to work, another set in the right direction.

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  1. Ameen

    Wow! Thats great planning. I always think about what it would be like to not own a vehicle. Now you can tell me your experience.

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