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Going to the library in Ottawa

We have been here less than a week and we have already been to the library twice.  It is great, being able to take the 10minute walk to the library.

The first thing I did Monday morning was to apply for a Ontario driver’s license, so that I would have an ID with an Ottawa address, we had a rental car so that worked out well.  We went to get a library card and get some books for the kids to read and got some information about the story time.  So on Wednesday I took Natalie to story time while the boys just hung out to read at the childrens’ section.

The movies here are all free too, so I have request some for myself and Kyle since we have no TV, I don’t miss it at all though.  We keep ourselves so busy with the homeschooling and the kids playing that no one really misses it.  The Carlingwood library has such a great selection of books and audios too.  I have borrowed french and mandarin audios for the kids to listen to.  It is great as they can listen and play at the same time.

I guess I never really appreciated the library before, they have museum passes for the family.  There is no cost to these passes and it admits a family of 5.  But since they are so popular, there is a long wait list for them.  I have put my request in, I am about 150 on the wait list, wonder when I will get the pass…

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