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2 hours to go

2 hours to go till we get on the train to leave for Ottawa.  How do I feel?  Some mixed feelings.  I finally finished packing everything, luggage and boxes for the shippers,  Mike who bought our van, picked it up an hour ago.  I guess being so busy with packing, I have not had too much time to think about the leaving.

It has finally hit me, the place that we have called home for the last 3 years will become another place that we have lived in.  I am very excited and a little sad.  In the last 3 years, we have spend so much time with family and friends, but thanks to the internet, keeping in touch is going to be so much easier.  Plus they can come visit.

In a couple of hours, we will be set on our next adventure.  What better way to start it with a train ride across Canada to Ottawa.  Relaxing on the train, enjoying nature and the vast open spaces.  And traveling “green”!

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