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Generosity of a Stranger

Monday morning, I went to Value Village (my green shopping) to do some shopping for the boys. They had a a 50% sale and Matthew wanted a pair of skates and needed a winter jacket. So off we went for some bargains.

While we were shopping, Matthew decided that he really wanted a stuff animal and took it to the checkout.  When it was time to pay, I had to explain to him that he had so many and with the move, they could only take 7 with them and get rid of the others. He got quite upset and insisted that he would pay with his own money. Finally he agreed with the logic, we would go through the stuff animals at home and if he still wanted it, we could come back and get it if it was still in the store.

While we were paying, on older gentleman came up to us and asked if Matthew really wanted the stuff animal and I said yes and he said that he could buy it for him. I was so touched. I explained the situation and he understood. He wasn’t too sure if it was a financial thing and didn’t want Matthew to feel left out. That was so thoughtful of him. I was just teaching Matthew the value of stuff and the older gentleman was teaching us the value of giving.

I was really surprised at Andrew too. He is the one that usually gets upset about not buying things but when I told him that he couldn’t buy his stuff animal, he just said ok. Perhaps the more sensitive side of him didn’t want to add to the stress of the situation. He was teaching us patience. There is so much to learn from everyone.

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