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My Secret Dream of Being a Model

As a child growing up, looking at magazines and watching TV, there was always so many beautiful people to look at. I would look at the magazines and I secretly thought that it would be great to be a model. Wondering how I could end up in a magazine, I never really looked into it and was not something I actively seeked, just something in the back of my mind. Sometimes, you have to be very careful of what you think about. Whatever you think about, good or bad, it might just happen.

A few months back, I showed my friend Erica who is an editor of a Spanish magazine, about an exercise that she might want to do for herself.¬† She thought it was a great idea and said why don’t we put it into the exercise portion into my magazine, Guia Hispana that is published here in Winnipeg.¬† So the next thing I know, is, I am posing for her with different exercise moves. It was fun and within 8 hours after mentioning it, the pictures were taken and the article was written. Wow, talk about fast.

So I am proud that I am a model and am in the March edition Guia Hispana Magazine here in Manitoba. I am on page 23 and 24, and you can see the magazine and download it here. She is working on expanding her magazine across Canada in the Summer with a new bilingual magazine  Vivir En Canada.

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