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Matthew’s First Business

We had our family Easter last Sunday night.  As we they adults were entertaining ourselves, the kid kept themselves busy.  Sometime during the evening, Matthew asked me how much it cost to get a portrait picture at a photo studio and I told him about $8 for a package.  I heard Erin say something about $1 and then never thought about it further.

Bussiness Sign

Bussiness Sign

Later on in the evening, I saw them take a picture of someone in the living room and also realized that there was money transaction.  I asked him about it and he told me that he was charging people $1 for their picture to be taken.  At first I thought, “is this ok?”  Then I realized that the people who were having their pictures taken were consenting adults who can make their own decisions and could say no to the kids.

Before they went to bed, Matthew told me he made $1 in his “business”.  I asked him how much they made in total.  They made $4, so each kid made $1 that went into their money jars.  As you can see in the poster, there is the word free that is scratched off so I asked Matthew who’s idea it was to charge money and he said that it was his.  My little entrepreneur.  Funny, he just asked me the definition of entrepreneur today too.

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