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Do You Trust in God?

I am currently reading the book, Rich Brother Rich Sister by Emi and Robert Kiyosaki. The book talks about siblings who were took different journeys and their own separate ways and how they become close again later on in life. It includes their life stories including their spiritual journey, opinions on money and on what and why things happened in their lives. The one story that they told really had me thinking and I would love to share it with you.

One day there was man who stood at the side of Niagara Falls with his bicycle. A small crowd gathered as he announced, “I will ride my bicycle across this steel cable stretched to the other side of the falls.”
Oohs and Ahhs came from the crowd.
“How dangerous!” a young woman said.
“Please don’t risk your life.” pleaded another woman.
“You’re nuts,” said an older man. “You’re going to kill yourself.”
“I know I can do it,” said the man as he climbed on his bicycle. soon he was slowly peddling his way across the cable, dangling and swaying just a few feet over the raging falls. One slip and he would be gone forever. The crowd waited breathlessly as he reached the other side, turned his bicycle around, and peddled back. As soon as he was back on land, the crowd rushed forward, many saying, “We knew you could do it. We had faith in you.”
“Should I do it again?” He asked with a big smile.”Sure,” replied the crowd. “We believe in you.”
“Okay,” said the man. “since you now believe in me, who wants to go with me?”
Suddenly the crowd went quiet. People started to squirm. In the misdst of the silence, a few began to leave. Then from the middle of the crowd, a small voice said, “I’ll go with you.” The crowd gasped as a petite young girl stepped forward and volunteered to be his passenger. As the girl climbed into the basket on the front of the bicycle, many people in the crowd grew angry.
“How dare you risk her life?” said one person.
“I’m calling the police,” said another.
slowly the man, the little girl, and the bicycle started out across the falls. The crowd was deathly silent. Everyone took a breath as they reached the other side, turned the bicycle around, and headed back. Once safely on dry land, the crowd let out a loud cheer as they congratulated the young girl for your courage.
“What gave you the courage?” asked the woman of the young girl.
“Weren’t you afraid?” asked another.
“No,” replied the young girl.
“Why not?” asked the woman.
“Because this man is my father,” said the little girl. ” I don’t jut believe in my father, I trust him with my life.”

Most people believe in God, but very few people trust in God. When times get tough, go beyond your belief in God and trust in God!

This story has really touched my central core.  It has helped me understand my faith and trust in God.  It is a good reminder for me to continue trusting in God in our daily lives.

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