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We Become What We Surround Ourselves With

Someone posted a link on Twitter about this subject and I thought that is so true.

I did the passion test many months ago and one of my passions was” to surround myself with like minded people who support me in my daily endeavours and life choices”.  It is amazing what the people around can affect your ideas and your decision.  After growing up a little and realizing that I choose my life, I realized that I do not have to hang around negative people that drain me.  I do not have to prove my life choices to anyone.

Choosing to quit my day job, working from home and then home schooling the kids has had it challenges.  Anything we do different, which is usually most things, many people have tried to talk us out of it or have frown upon our decisions.  That is extra stress that I have not needed.  Now we have decided to surround ourselves with people who accept us for who we are and are happy to see us happy and not to change that.  We choose to be surrounded with positive people!

In December I followed my dreams and worked in a local hotel and was so excited about it.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out.  The people I worked with had such a different mindset and work ethic that I felt really drained while at work.  That lasted only a month, a good experience as I work towards my other dream of owning a hotel someday.  I am glad and much happier choosing who I surround myself with.  Remember we have a choice and …

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
Jim Rohn

..I found another blog post that might shed more light on what I have said, check out the Personal Excellence Blog.

2 thoughts on “We Become What We Surround Ourselves With

  1. Manji

    Hi Amelia

    I love your thoughts and aspirations towards family and life . You have wonderful experiences and I admire that you do what we all wish we could and should do. Keep the Mummy thoughts coming .. I look forward to them.


  2. Post author

    Thanks Manji, It is very exciting for me to know that you enjoy Mummy thoughts. I will continue to share my life and thoughts with everyone.

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