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FREE swimming in Winnipeg Pools

Every Friday morning, we take the kids swimming for phy-ed and I teach them how to swim.  Every week I watch as they progress…  We have been doing this for over a year and we go early Friday morning because it is FREE.  Yes the city of Winnipeg has certain pools in the city that have approximately an hour blocked off for FREE swim weekly.  This is perfect as we have 5 in our family, facility admission for a family would cost $10.72.  Last year we went every week for 10 months, we have saved over $400 just by going to the FREE swims.  We go to Margaret Pool in Fort Richmond and the water temperature ranges between 30C-32C which is perfect for the kids.

Here are the pools in Winnipeg that have the FREE swim and the times.  (Winter 2010)

Bonivital Pool (1215 Archibald St) Thursday 3pm – 4pm

Elmwood Kildonans (909 Concordia Ave) Thursday 8:30am – 10am

Margaret Grant ( 685 Dalhousie Dr) Friday 8:10am – 9:25am

Seven Oaks (444 Adsum Dr) Wednesday 2:30pm – 3:30pm

St James Civic Center (2055 Ness Ave) Friday 7:30pm – 9:30pm

FREE teen night (9-19 years)

Cindy Recreation Complex (999 Sargent) Saturday 7pm – 9:45pm

Loonie/Toonie swim

If individuals or a smaller group of people are going, instead of paying the single admission fees of $5.42 or $3.73 or $2.39 for an adult, youth or child.  You would pay $2 for an adult and $1 for a child.  Here are the details.

Elmwood Kildonans (909 Concordia Ave) Tuesday 3pm – 4:30pm

Margaret Grant ( 685 Dalhousie Dr) Monday 7:30pm-8:30pm, Tuesday 3pm-4pm, Wednesday 7:30pm-8:30pm

Pam Am (25 Poseidon Bay) Tuesday 2-3:30pm

Seven Oaks (444 Adsum Dr) Sunday 4pm – 6pm

St James Assiniboia Centennial (644 Parkdale St) Wednesday 1pm – 3:30pm

St James Civic Center (2055 Ness Ave) Monday 1pm-4pm

Sheerbrook (381 Sherbrook St) Sunday 1pm-4pm, Monday 3:30pm-5pm, Wednesday 7pm-8pm, Thursday 3:30pm-5pm, Saturday 2pm-3:30pm

Transcona Centennial (1101 Wabasha St) Wednesday 3pm-4:30pm, Friday 6pm-7:30pm, Friday Teen swim 7:30-9pm ($1.50)

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