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Coupons for Movies – Cineplex Cinema City Winnipeg

I love watching movies and I assume that many of you do too.  With the price of movies, on the rise, we are always looking for great deals.  In Winnipeg we have the 2nd run cinemas, Cinema City McGillivary and Cinema City Northgate.  The movies are usually 2-3 months old depending on how popular they are.  It only cost $3 per person vs $9.95 at the regular cinema.  Their concession prices are also cheaper than at a regular cinema.  On top of that they have coupons for movies and concessions too.

Right now there are coupons for February 2010 is:

$8 for a large popcorn & large drink plus tax

$4 admission for two including tax

Click here to get coupon.  If you are looking at this post after Feb, you can get other current coupons from the website. Scroll half way down the page, there is a green button (click here for instant savings) and you will get a coupon. The button is usually before movie listings.

At Cinema City, they also have Tuesday specials.  Right now the Tuesday special is movie plus popcorn and drink for $7.49 include tax.

The cineplex cinemas also has a “SCENE” card which is like a points program, you get discounts at concessions and points towards free movies.  Check it out here.

Enjoy the movies….

3 thoughts on “Coupons for Movies – Cineplex Cinema City Winnipeg

  1. Monika

    thank you so much for the coupon link…this will help with planning a low budget long awaited night out!!


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