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What a Wonderful Day

Wow, I had an awesome day today.  We had our last day of school today, of course we made it a short day, only two hours.  Being in the holiday spirit already, we slept in, and started a little later than normal and ended earlier than normal.  The kids are just doing so well in school it just feels rights.  Andrew is reading so well and gaining more confidence and Matthew is just breezing through his work.  Natalie is learning her poems and grammar along side us.

Right after lunch the kids friends Alex and Geza came over to play.  Nicola, their mum and I had to run out to get some stocking stufers so we left them at home with Kyle.  When we returned about 45minutes later, we saw them playing on the lake playing.  They had the shovels and they were cleaning out a path round the rink that the neighbor had cleaned out.  They were having a blast.  That gave Nicola and I more time to have tea and make cookies.  I made a double batch of oatmeal cookies.  While Nicola was stirring them, I was thinking that the batter looked too dry….  And then my mum asked whether I had put the eggs in.  I knew something wasn’t right and she added them in(of course the eggs were sitting on the counter).  Not good to rush, you always seem to miss something…

While the cookies were baking, the kids started trickling back in after being outside for about 2 hours, just in time for warm cookies.  After cookies, they left as we had to head out to our friends Holly and Eric, friends from University.  They live in Ottawa and we havn’t had a chance to visit with them in such a long time, I guess since Ottawa.  It was Christmas cookie baking at their house, so we made tons of cookies and the kids had a blast decorating them.  We are well stocked up with cookies for the next couple of days at least.  Dinner of hot dogs was another treat for the kids and then they were off playing again.  So much fun to be had by all.  The adults also had a chance to play cards, what a rare treat for us. The game was called “Trump”.  Fun game, I hope we get a chance to play it again.

After Holly’s place, we headed to Sareli and Ameens place to return books and pick up others(sharing of information).  We had a quick visit, before they head south to Florida.  I am excited for them on their journey but will miss them.  With technology, they are only a click away.

Andrew was fast asleep while waiting for us in the car and Natalie fell asleep on the drive home.  No problem getting into bed tonight.  It was a fun and tiring day for them as they played with old and new friends.  I guess that is what the holidays are about, getting together with friends, sharing joy and laughter.  I thank God everyday for a great family and so many awesome friends.  What a wonderful day!

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