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Christmas in Winnipeg

Spending time with family is so much fun.  I am bless and thankful for my Children who often remind me about the meaning of Christmas.  I usually have a hard time dealing with the commercialism of Christmas, the kids remind me with their excitement as we go to church each week during Advent.  Yes they are looking forward to the gifts and there is more to it….

Well this year we went to the Childrens’ mass on Christmas eve.  I don’t think Andrew realized it but my present from him this year was him looking at the song book and singing along with us.  It was a precious moment, now as he is learning to read and I am working along side him. Today he even told me that he read a book all by himself!

Christmas morning, we opened gifts with my brother Joel and my parents and had lunch with them and then we had dinner with Kyle’s family at his sister Holly’s place.  There the kids opened more gifts….  It was fun to just hang out and “play”.  After dinner we spent the next 2 days at Kyle’s parents place with the family.

Here are some pictures from our Christmas season.

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