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On Sunday I got together with my friend Sareli who home schools and got more information about how and what she is doing.  I was not as through and  organised as she was and didn’t do as much research.  When we decided that we were going to Georgia, and the kids needed an education so homeschooling was the best option.  Got some grade level workbooks and jumped right in.  How hard could it be, it is only grade 3 and 1 and pre-k.

Now 3 months into it, I know exactly what the kids know and what they need to work on.  Something I didn’t have a clue about while they were in regular school.  Sareli gave me tons of tips and resources.  Now that we are back in Winnipeg and have decided not to put them back into regular school, I am making sure that I cover the syllabus.  Perhaps even more with our travels and excursions.

She showed me her schedule and I used it as a guideline for myself and the kids.  I have created one for myself and now have put it into action.  When the day was done,  I realized that I have missed some subjects one of which was reading with Andrew who is currently learning to read!  Oops.  Now to work on version 2.

The workbooks that I have have been great for the kids. Unfortunately it is lacking in science, history, geography and other languages.  So that is what I will have to pick up more materials for.  Sareli recommended some books, which saves me a ton of time doing my own research. I am blessed.  Before the weekend, she was someone I knew from Engineering school way back when.  She was dating my buddy’s brother.  We hooked up on Facebook lately and are currently learning from each other.

Home schooling is fun and is a commitment!  With my new found knowledge and resources from the library, I am confident that I can give the kids a lot more.  I have also decided that I CAN teach the kids Mandarin!  Half an hour each day.  Kyle is going to work with them on French and Spanish, at least the fundamentals(need more resources).  My mum is teaching the kids ballroom dancing too as a part of phy-ed!  I am excited about being home and continuing to homeschool the kids.

Let me know if you would like more resources for yourself.  I will be glad to share what I have learnt!

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