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Our week in Texas

Wow our week in Frisco, Texas is almost over.  I can’t believe that we have been here for a week already.  Time just went by so fast.  What a week, it was like coming home and I hadn’t seen Nancy for over 19 years. We figured we met each other when we were about 4 or 5 years old growing up on the same street in Singapore.

It has been a week of catching up with me, Nancy and her mum, new stories to tell and old ones to compare.  Of course this was always centered around the kitchen table.  Meal times were especially fun, with all the good food and good company.  Like I mentioned before it was like coming home, all these years apart we are like sister just getting back together.

It was a great week, my kids and Perren, Nancy’s daughter got a chance to get to know each other and they all played well together.  Perren walks to school and every morning Matthew would wake up with her to either walk or drive with her to school.  They were up at 6:30 and so was I and Nancy.   After a couple of days we nicknamed ourselves the breakfast club.  The group was getting bigger with everyone going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, Andrew and Natalie are both wanting to take her to school too.

The home schooling went really well this week too.  The kids are almost done their grade work.  Good thing I have a couple of grade 3 books for Matthew.  At this rate, Matthew is going to be done grade 3 by Christmas.  He sometimes talks about going back to school but only wants to go half days.  He has yet to understand it is either “Mummy School” for half days or school for fulls days!  So funny on Monday, at noon, Natalie wanted to know “I am done school, why isn’t Perren home from school yet?’  She hasn’t figured out the concept of time yet.  Next week we are on the road again so the kids won’t be doing too much work so I got them to work this morning.  Andrew was a little hesitant, but very reasonable when I explained the reason.

It was a relaxing week.  The kids worked and played, I hung around and ate.  I was good though, the weather has been really nice so I have taken many walks and went running a couple of times this week too.  Don’t feel too guilty about all the good food that I have been eating here.  Actually yesterday Andrew said he wanted to come with me.  I got him to stretch with me.  It was so cute, he did such a good job, he is a jock!

On Tuesday Nancy took us to the Pumkin Patch, they had hay rides and hay mazes.  The kids had a blast!  It was a beautiful day too.  The weather was so nice while we were here.  On morning it was about 46F/8C and was wondering, it is only October, what is it like in the middle of winter, it is not warm enough, why do the snow birds come down here?  Didn’t last though, I went to church with a shirt and skirt today, no sweather.

The kids have been doing lots of crafts too.  Sunday we went to an arts fair where they coloured tiles and bags and made dough figurines.  At home they made and decorated cookies and decorated t-shirts.  They have been busy with their arts and crafts.  Perren and Matthew both made a couple of blogs.  They have been keeping themselves very busy.

Matthew also enjoys the dogs, he would spend time on the deck with them.  As Andrew is allergic to them they are either in the room or out on the deck.  Matthew knows we can’t have a dog so he is getting his doggie fix with their dogs.  Actually Andrew’s only had reactions on the night we came a maybe a couple of night just before bed so he has been doing really well.

We are off to Gurdon, Arkansas tomorrow, to stay with Nancy’s sister.  She has three kids too so that will be fun. We are still looking at a couple of parks in Little Rock so we will spend the day there too.  On the road again….

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