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Coastal Hwy A1A, Florida

Today, we leave Fernandina Beach for Orlando.  Being right on the ocean, we cannot leave without a dip in the ocean before hand.  So right after breakfast we head out for some time in the ocean and beach.  Natalie wasn’t interested in going to the beach but we talked her into coming with us.  She hung around for a little while and then we went back to the pool.  It is quite funny.  It is not as if she doesn’t like the ocean, she will play in the water and waves but this morning she just wanted to be in the pool.

We left the motel at 10:30am which was very good in my opinion, considering we played and showered before leaving.  Since Orlando is so close, we decided to take the scenic route(slow road) to Dayton and then go inland towards Orlando.  Lots of time.

The A1A Hwy is really nice.  It was also fun to see the many beach homes and condos.  We also took a ferry across one of the islands, short but fun ride.  Something different for the kids.  As we were talking in the car, seeing all the seafood markets, we decided that this area would be the best place to have seafood.  So we typed seafood resturant into the the GPS, “Magellin” and we found a seafood restaurant.  I really enjoyed the food, eating gator meat and the calamari was so yummy, even all the kids ate it.

We kept on going south on the A1A Hwy.  It was so cool looking at all the vacation homes on the water and surroundings.  We drove straight into St Augustine.  The oldest city  in the US.  The town was so cool, we just did the drive by tourist thing again.  We would like to return someday for a visit.  So much to see and do and learn too.

It was dinner time when we got to Daytona so we bought some cold meat and had sandwich dinner on the beach.  Here you can drive your vehicle onto the beach.  That is great, so your stuff is never too far away.  Everyone headed for the surf right after dinner, had to get our beach time in.  The beach is open to vehicles till only 7pm and we ended up leaving at that time.

The drive to Orlando was quiet, everyone was so tired from all that playing, even Natalie fell asleep on the drive into Orlando.  This Sheraton hotel has 2 queen size bed so it worked out well again for sleeping arrangements.  The three kids on the bed and no complaining.  They just passed out at bedtime.  Long fun filled day.  Looking forward to our next day in Orlando.

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