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Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island

Today is Thursday, doesn’t seem like a Thursday, more like a Saturday.  I guess everyday is like a Saturday when you are on holiday.  The kids were up bright and early, ready for a day of play on the beach.  As we were getting ready for the day, I had to move my bag, Andrew asked “Mummy, why do you have such a big bag for a little person?”  I just laughed and didn’t know what to say, daddy just told him I like to have all my things.  You have to understand that each kid only brought their little roll on bag with 7 days worth of clothes.  I did too but have picked up a few more clothes along the way and have more cosmetic stuff!

So first thing we did after breakfast was get dressed and head to the beach.  As we were headed out to play, we met a family from Tifton, GA.  The kids all played really well together and we were sad when they had to leave that morning.  At least they got some play time together.  While at the beach that morning, we als saw dolphins swimming out at sea, no big deal for Matthew as he had seen them on the Savannah River a couple of days earlier.  Wow 2 dolphin sightings in one week.

After playing at the beach and getting some swim time at the pool, we decided to go check out Amelia Island.  So after we had tuna sandwiches in the the motel room and then drove north on the island to the historic town and old town.  Of course we drove along the coast and was really surprised to see so many properties for sale along the water.  1 out our 4 houses seemed like they were for sale, sometimes 4 in a row.  Hey, if anyone is looking for some beach front property, you have multiple choices.  Talk about a buyers market!

We drove into old town and found Amelia St and Ladies St.  Thought that was cool.  We  checked out the area where the pirates used to hang, now it is only a flat piece of land.  Drove to the historic district and walked around a few streets.  We met a local author, she recommended a kid books for the kids and even autographed it.

The buildings in the historic district are quaint but it was like any old tourist town with many stores.  While walking, we met an author Annette McCollough Myers who was doing a book signing at a local book store. She is a retired school teacher who lives on the island and told us about a book she wrote especially for kids, a true story about the Beach Lady here on Amelia Island.  We had to buy the book for the kids and she autographed it for the kids.

We were in a hurry to head back to the beach.  We made a pit stop at the Publix the grocery store and bought dinner.  Kyle and I were thinking of going out for sushi with the kids but thought after a full day, it would just be easier to relax and eat in our motel room.  So we bought sushi from the grocery store and was quite good too.

After coming back from town, we headed back out to the beach.  We looked for shark’s teeth (Fernandina Beach is known for sharks teeth washing up to shore) but no luck, got lots of great shells.  The kids had a blast, playing in the sand and surf.

After dinner we had to go for a stroll on the beach.  So with our torch light in hand we headed onto the beach to look for crabs.  No luck this time either.  The kids enjoyed their stroll on the beach either way.  Some people from our motel were out fishing and had some luck and so we were there to witness their catches which was fun too.

Another wonderful day on our journey, looking forward to the great scenic drive down to Daytona Beach through St Augustine and onto Orlando.

3 thoughts on “Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island

  1. Georgia a. Brooks

    i am so jealous you guys got to go to fernandina beach and im sorry you didnt find any sharks teeth.. bummer

  2. Post author

    That would mean we will have to go back there with you since you are the one that seems to find them all!

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