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Adventures in Orlando, Downtown Disney

When Kyle decided to come down to Orlando, I was wondering what to do with the kids for the weekend. Natalie is still a little too young to go on the rides and be out all day and I didn’t want to go to the attractions without Kyle, so I looked up what to do in Orlando that was free.  I found the Lego Store, I knew that the kids would love it.

Right after breakfast, we all loaded up and headed towards Downtown Disney in search of the Lego Store.  We chatted with a security guy, Jack for a little and before we left, he said he wished he had some stickers for us.  He went through his stuff and only found two.  I asked the kids whether they all wanted one and Andrew said it was ok if he didn’t get one.  So Jack gave Matthew and Natalie one each.  He still felt bad about not giving one to Andrew and paged his fellow security guards.  I told him not to worry about it, shook his hand and thank him.  He insisted and asked me where I was headed towards.  I told him that we were going to be at the Lego store for the next half and hour or an hour.  He said that he would go get the stickers and find me.  2o minutes later, he found us at the Lego and Andrew got his sticker.  That was so nice of him.

Needless to say, we were at the Lego store for about 2 hours.  We looked at the many pieces of Lego art and all the different types of Lego that you could buy.  We finally decided to buy a small tub of Lego, with pieces that you pick from the wall of Lego.  I think they have the greatest selection of pieces.  All sorts of odds and ends to add to their collection.  I picked a few pieces.  Matthew wanted some doors and stuff but unfortunately they didn’t have the frames so we ended up buying a box of Lego doors and windows, something I havn’t seen in a regular store.  That is his Christmas present.  It wasn’t hard to convince me as I love building Lego houses, so I will have fun with it too.

After the Lego store, we went through the Disney Princess Store.  We saw little girls getting their hair and makeup done.  I spoke to one of the mums and asked her about it.  She said that she brought her princess dress from home and she had her hair with glitter and Disney hairpieces and makeup done for about $50.  Wow, she also said that the package that includes the dress and stuff is $200.  I couldn’t believe it.

We went to another Toy store.  There, you could buy all the pieces you want for “Mr Potato Head” that you can fit into a box for a flat fee, just like the Lego.  I saw adults just jamming the pieces into the box till they were out of shape.  The pieces for “Mr Potato Head” doesn’t quite fit well in  a box.  Not like the Lego where we shake and shake to put more stuff in.

After the toy stores, we took the complementary ferry, back to the direction of the car.  We ended up parking at the right place, one end of the Disney Downtown, walked through it and took the ferry back, not too much walking.  It was around 2 and Natalie had enough for the day.

After Disney we went to the factory outlet store to check out if they had any deals, I love window shopping.  The kids were as good as can be expected.  They are quite active in the stores, more than what daddy would have let them be.  After shopping we went to visit Gwen and Mike, Kyle parents friends.  It was a good visit, I hadn’t seen them since we were in Orlando for our honeymoon in 1997.  He is 91 years old, it was amazing to see.  He has a bad back so he had trouble walking but talking to him, you couldn’t tell.  His son who is 77 was visiting and he was preparing to go out on a date.  I guess that is how you keep young, keep active and keep social!

I tried Grits tonight and it was yummy, they were giving samples at the grocery store.  Grits with cheese.  I guess we didn’t know how to make it right.  Even Matthew and Andrew liked it, either that or we were so hungry.  Didn’t get back to the hotel room till about 8pm and that is when the kids ate, a little later than normal.  I guess Orlando is really huge, I think I spent a big part of the day just driving…

Since it was such a full day tomorrow, I think I am just going to relax.  We are going to Church and then come back to the hotel to just do nothing.  It has been a busy week, vacationing, plus I have to do laundry.  My first visit to the laundromat.  What do I do with the kids during that time?  I guess they can bring their school work, since we have only done one day of work the whole week!!

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