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Take a deep breath!

Soccer for the kids is a fun game for the kids to play and for the parents to watch.  Thanks to the coaches, our kids have learned new skills and are having fun learning to interact with other player.  They put their talents and skills into action when they play a game.

Last night Andrew team(6-8 yr olds) played another game, unfortunately Andrew’s coach thought a ball was out of play and stopped it.  He apologized and acknowledged his mistake.  The coach from the other team shouted at him and threatened to pull his team out of the game.  At this point the other team was loosing 3-1.  It was a mistake and unfortunately the other coach was a little out of hand and embarassed our coach.  Some of the parents were also giving the referee who was only a teenager a hard time.  When all this happens, it just interrupts a fun game of kids soccer.

Later on the referee doesn’t make a call about a hand ball and our coach makes a scene about it, I guess out of embrarasment from the earlier scene.  There were so many other hand balls that were missed by the referee and no one said anything and the game just went on.  At this point, when our coach points out the handball, we are winning 4-3 and the other team coach gets made again and decides to pull the team and forfeit.  There was only 5 or 10 minutes left of the game.  Another coach from the other team also said that it was an elbow ball and should not be an issue.  I guess she didn’t know the rules.

I hope the kids didn’t realize what was going on, they didn’t need to know that the adults were acting like kids.  At the end, our coach did round up the kids did shake hands with the other team.  Not sure if the other team was, but that doesn’t matter, the fact that the kids were being taught good sportsmanship was most important. The coaches are their teachers.

So remember when you go to a kids game, it is just a game.  Do not attack the other coach, in a lot of cases, they are only volunteering their time as they want to share their talent.  Referees are only human, sometimes they miss a play.  It happens all the time.  No need to get all heated up.  Take a breath, and continue with the game.  It is not worth the frustration.  In life there are more important things that you need to spend your energy on, a kids soccer is supposed to be fun so go out and enjoy it.

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