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Our New Mobile Home Park

We are the new owner of Augusta Estates LLC, our new mobile home park in Warner Robins.  We went to Macon on Monday to see the lawyer and sign all the paper work to finalized the park.  Oh course we had never met the owners but had spoken to them numerous time over the telephone, so it was really nice to put a face to the voice.  They were so laid back and so was the lawyer. Even when Kyle came down to do due dilligence, he didn’t need the then owners.

So we met with Kathleen the manager yesterday over coffee.  So many things to go through.  She is awesome and we were able to cover lots of different things.  Today I spoke with her again over the phone, so many things for me to learn and I am glad she is managing it and not us.  She has been the manager of the park for six years.  We get along really so that is awesome.

So the kids have been awesome, watching lots of movie for the last few days.

At the lawyers office, I brought my computer with me so that they could watch “Shark Tales” while we are at our meeting.  On Tuesday while we met with Kathleen at Wendy’s, they watched Babar also on my computer.  Today it was movie night at the apartment so they watched “Last Call Harvey”.  I wasn’t exactly a kids movie but they will watch anything as long as there is candy and popcorn.  Kyle was out at a soccer meeting so I didn’t really want to stay home.  He joined us at the movies later.

While we were in Macon on Monday, we decided that we would do more sight seeing.  We went to Ocmulgee National Monument where the history there dates back 12,000 years.  It was a great field trip for the kids.  After which we went to St Joseph’s church as were were told that the church was covered in stained glass.  It was just so beautiful.

Monday was a crazy busy day, with sightseeing and the bank and the lawyers, the kids were so well behaved and so when they asked to go to Burger King we said ok.  It wasn’t the food that they were going for, it is the play structures that Burger King has that they were attracted too.  The have the tubes and slides and some have the castle and slide combo, almost the same side as the store itself.  Of course this is all outside and not good for the summer but the kids don’t care.

Now that we have our new park it is a learning process for me and Kyle to optimize it and make sure it runs smoothly.  In a way I am glad that our first park is smaller than planned so that everything is simpler.  I am still looking for other parks, anyone know of anyone wanting to sell one?  Let me know.  Preferably in the lower states, not so cold when we have to visit the park or a good excuse for us to go south or is that North!!

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