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Natalie’s Manifestation

This blog is about my four year old Natalie using the power of attraction to get what she wanted.  She was able to manifest it.  I am not sure if she realized that she was doing it but the results are just so awesome and so obvious.

When we first got to the apartments here in Georgia, while we were waiting to talk to the ladies in the rental office, the kids watched the cartoon channel.  Oh course there was lots of advertisements on TV.  There was one in particular that Natalie liked.  ring_popIt was an ad for the Ring Pop.  Everytime the ad came on, she said that she was going to get one.  Everytime she said that, I would think, I am not getting one of those for her.  While we stayed at the motel for the weekend, same thing every time she saw the ad.  When we moved into the apartment, they didn’t watch TV, so no more cartoon channels, no more ads.  She didn’t talk about it anymore.

Fast forward two weeks.  We go to our bank in Macon, and are there for at least an hour.  The kids are really well behaved.  Just before we leave, they give the kids all a goodie bag.  The bank had a customer appreciation, back to school day the Friday before and had left over goodie bags.  It had stationary and candies, guess what else.   They had a Ring Pop in each bag.  Boy was she happy, talk about the power of attraction.

Even my four year old can manifest things.  You get what you ask for, put it out there and it will happen.  “Ask and you will receive” Luke 11:9-12.

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Natalie's manifested Ring Pop

Natalie's manifested Ring Pop

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