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We are on our way

So we postponed leaving by one day.  Why because we could.  Actually we didn’t need that many days to drive down to Warner Robins, Georgia so we decided to leave Sunday instead of Saturday.  I love the idea that things can be so flexible.  The van is packed, we just need to eat and leave.

So instead of having an extra day to relax, I did more sewing.  Made a couple more bags for the boys.  We went to the fabric store last week to get some materials for laundry bags.  The boys saw the fleece materials loved the prints.  They didn’t need another blanket so I suggested bags(straight lines) and now they have brand new bags for their stuff!  It feels so good when a project is done.

Home Made Bags

Home Made Bags

Kyle spent the day making sure the tent was ok and packed the van, wow, I thought we would just bring a few things.  Actually we did but I guess it adds up with the five of us.  Check out more pictures on Kyle’s blog.  We won’t be able to see the kids from the front, it that good or is that bad?

Everyone is excited to go, 7 days of camping and  we will be at our destination. Then we have an apartment with real beds.  Stay tunes for more on our adventure.  First stop Minnesota….

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