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Humble Ourselve As Jesus Did

How can we humble ourselves like Jesus did when he washed the diciple’s feet at the last supper.  We are not superior to others, we are all created equal. When we interact with one another, remember they are another person. If we treat people with respect, we will get respect back.  If we talk down to a person, we will not get respect, they may listen to you but inside they just put up with you and be angry inside.  That is not a way to treat others.

An example is when I go to resturants.  I always make sure I know the names of my servers and introduce myself.  Most times they are caught off guard when I introduce myself.  The service I receive is always execellent, think about it, now that we both know each others names, it seems more  personal, like friends.  Most people treat their friends well right?

As we learn from Jesus who treated everyone well, blending with the masses, see how important being humble is?  Can we put ourselves in Jesus position, the servants position and wash the feet of our friends?

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